Tuesday, July 26, 2011

working with an exhausted teen

Monday, the teen that always comes in with an excuse why he is too tired to tutor long was really exhausted.  He had been camping all weekend and looked tired.  I had him lie down and follow the ball with his eyes.  He did not do this well. He usually does this well. On Monday, he was just too tired.  Instead of making things a battle, I chose to do what he had the energy to do.  He also was too tired to stand on the balance board.  He would have been glad to go home and go back to sleep.  I had him play skipbo with me as he needs to remember the order of playing to win.  He also won.  We also read in the book for My side of the Mountain.  I chose activities that took as little physical energy as possible and still had him think. 
This paid off today as he was able to do the regular tutoring and read well for me.  I have some new cards to play word bingo with him. I find these to be very boring for me but they are part of the process for him to develop confidence in his ability to read. He seems to like them. It is fun to say I do not like something so the complaining is on the other side of the tutoring table.

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