Monday, May 14, 2012

Whisper Day, Calming children enough to teach

Often children who struggle to learn, also struggle to calm down and listen.  Sometimes we as adults have the same struggle when we are short on sleep and/ or have too much going on.  Too many children and adults are on overload because of too much going on.  People need time to be calm to function well.  One thing I have done and plan to do with a new group of children is Whisper Day.  One day a week, I have Whisper Day.  The only problem is everyone in the house or school has to whisper.  Many think this is foolishness.  It is.  It also can help when people are too excited to learn.  Unless on the phone, everyone whispers. For a phone call the person talking, an adult, needs to talk as softly as possible and for as short a time as possible for this to work. If this is made into a fun day, it can be enjoyable to all.
Think of all the places that children attend regularly that are loud.  These are most sporting events, video games,
and even the library when children are not taught to be quiet. The public school lunch room is a good example of  loud. Also compare eating places like Rib Crib(loud) to Ruby Tuesday(quieter). There is a time for loud and a time for quiet. Quiet takes more time and planning.  Quiet takes slowing down and thinking ahead.  I am naturally loud and this is a great effort for me.  It is also benefits me.