Wednesday, July 6, 2011

working a child back into tutoring

Today, the 15 year old came back to tutoring.  He went to camp and then we had the 4th of July.  Now how can tutoring be as exciting as firework?.  I knew he would be tired and have to get back into the swing of tutoring.  He was late and did not intend to stay long.  I did not have anyone the next hour so we worked our full hour.  I gently encouraged him. His dad did a great job when he told him he was not swimming if he did not tutor. Go dad.  We started a new book, My Side of the Mountain. When I started reading he followed the words at first.  This is exciting progress.  We mostly reviewed and returned to the structure of tutoring.  I was pleased with the retention he had.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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