Thursday, July 7, 2011

My neck hurts

Today the 15 year old came in and starting telling me his neck was hurting.  This signals me that he is not planning on staying long.  I let him talk for just a minute and then guided him to tutoring.  Since his neck was hurting, I had him lie on a pad and work on his eyes tracking.  I have him follow the ball hanging from the ceiling with his eyes in several different directions.  Then we did the balance board using the scarves.  I constantly say good, look at how well you are balancing.  If he is having a struggle with the balance, I slow down or wait until the board is balanced again.  The entire time I am using encouraging words.  Then I had him work on the balance board while throwing the ball at the number board.  He had good balance and did well staying on task.  Then we read page 226 in the rocket phonics book.  When he hesitated at a word I gave him the vowel sound.  Most of the time he read the word correctly to which I encouraged with the words "good reading".
Next we played word go fish.  When I say no I do not have it he often thinks he has pronounced the word incorrectly.  He is so accustomed to saying the word wrong. I make sentences with the word as I call out the one I want.
We read the second section of My Side of the Mountain.  I compare the things the boy does in the book with the things the 15 year old does in boy scouts. We should start on page 20 tomorrow.  We tutored the entire hour.

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