Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Child needs help standing on board

This week I had an opportunity to show a mom how the balance board works.  Her child struggles with balance so much that I needed to hold both of her hands so she could stand on the board.  After she was more comfortable I had her hold onto the rocking chair with one hand. She held to one of my hands with the other hand.  Before the session was over she could stand on the board with one of her hands laid on top of  one of my hands.  Her mom could see progress in just the one time.  I showed her where to get a board as she is a wonderful teacher and might do this herself. 
I have students stand and balance and catch balls.  With this child, she needed to toss the ball to me with one hand while she held onto the rocking chair or my other hand.
I also had her walk on the balance beam with rockers.  I put this board in a hallway so she can touch the walls to help with balance when she needs. I walked backwards and held her hands until she could use the walls.
It will be exciting to see how this works for this child.  It will also show me other areas to help different children.

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