Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changing the order of tutoring

Saturday, I changed the order of tutoring. Part of this was because I was late getting back and part of this was to see how much progress this young man has made. I had him play dominos with another tutor.  Then when I got here, I had him work in the rocket phonics book on page 274 before using the balance board.
Page 274 is about the vowel and consonant patterns. He cannot tell me the vowels without help. We only did 3 of the 6 sections. I asked him why we only did 3. He said it was because it was too much like school. I laughed and told him, it was because it was boring.  It is boring but still needs to be learned.  We will review the section next time before we go on. He was also not pleased I had something to do before I could tutor. Wonder who he thinks is running this tutoring?  When he was standing on the balance board, several times, he threw two balls at a time back to me instead of doing the correct patterning. I just kept laughing at him and myself when I could not catch them both. Finally he did the patterning correctly. 
He let me know that he comes here because it is fun and not like school.  Thankfully, he does not understand how much school type stuff  I sneak in.
Monday, we reviewed the vowels and he remembered them and did much better. Today, Wednesday, he was complaining about school but is still doing much better than last year. We reviewed the sections 1 to 5 of the vowel and consonant patterning. Then we did section 6. These are small bites but that is how I can get him to do this.
We are working on writing in cursive because the teacher is encouraging him to learn to write in cursive. We only did 4 words and small words at that but it is a start without the pressure.  We also played dominos. I got him to play 4 hands without complaining. We also read in the My Side of the Mountain book. Small successes are adding up.

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