Monday, September 5, 2011

Confidence in learner

Saturday, we had an opportunity for a former teacher to come see how the 15 year old is doing.  He came about 30 minutes before the teacher. He really liked this teacher and was so excited before she came that he could not do anything, except try to decide what all to tell her.  She had worked really with him and is an exceptional teacher. 
Just a few minutes before she arrived, I finally convinced him to work on tracking with his eyes.  He has become bored with the way we were doing the ball swinging from the ceiling. He no longer wants to just lie on the floor and follow the ball with his eyes.  He solved the problem by bringing a plastic toy light saber. It lights up and makes sounds as you play with it.  He lies on the pad on the floor and swings it at the ball as he follows the ball with his eyes. This is a fun way to exercise the eyes because he is trying to hit the ball with the saber. The key is still control.  His grandmother had told him to leave that thing at home as he was going to tutoring not to play.  The teacher thought it was such a good idea she is going to try to do this in her special needs classroom to see if it helps some of her students. She was here a little over two hours.         The first thing the teacher said when she walked in was how much confidence this young man has.  This is music to my ears and the young man's ears, too. She also had an idea to help his handwriting that we will try.
I talked to a fellow teacher and this teacher called her to share how confident the young man is. We are sharing other ideas that might help this young man. 

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