Saturday, February 12, 2011

snow days

Well we have been mostly snowed in for about 2 weeks.  I have not been able to see most of my tutoring students.  A young man who lives close to me could walk over.  He really likes the new boards.  Working with the balance board is fun.  He struggled to walk on it.  It has rockers on it like the balance board.  When he tries to walk it, he has a tendency to fall off of it.  After a couple of failures and a look of discouragement on his face, I figured out to hold on to the edge of his shirt to give him a little extra balance.  This little bit of help allowed him the support he needed to walk the board.  Then he could do this without the help. The excitement of the weather and being couped up indoors have made it hard for him to focus on balance.  I saw this before when he was excited about going to a ball game. Only the snow was so much bigger, it took about 5 to 7 minutes longer to focus. It really reminds to me to remember and not take balance for granted .  It is so easy to forget when I am not the one struggling.  He fell off the regular board twice before he could get his focus in line.  This is the child I was not sure I could tutor.  He is going to take longer but is showing improvement. 
The snow is melting so next week we will hopefully be back to normal. 

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