Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Balametrics Class in St Louis on 1-28-11

On January 28, my husband and I went to St Louis for this class.  See earlier post for classes coming up.
The first information I want to share is the testing we did to show how the Balametrics improves ability to learn.  The tests we did were oral reading, visual acuity, binocular teaming, handwriting, walk a tape line, visual field, balance of visual space, distance perception and size perception, and rate of motion perception. 
I am usually not impressed with tests or test results.  I think these tests should be used to show the parents how much this training helps.  Maybe older students needing help would benefit from this testing also.
We took each test individually moving around the room to the different testing stations.  There were 9 or 10 students in this class.  The most impressive areas for me were the visual acuity and the visual field test.
On the visual acuity test my husband could see clearly 4 feet from the posted paper on the wall.  After he did the exercises he could see clearly from 7 feet back.  On my test for this I could see from 5 feet back on the initial test and from 8 feet back after doing the exercises.  The visual field test impressed me more because I could clearly see so much more of the field of cards.  I will go through each test and describe it in different posts so I can give each one the proper time and description.  Hopefully, this will encourage others to help themselves and their friends, family and most importantly children. 

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