Friday, February 4, 2011

school counselor

When I was in the Balametrics class I met a wonderful school counselor.  I hope she will continue for many years in the educational system.  I wish I had asked her what kind of learner she is.  She can see how much the Balametrics can help struggling students.  During the summer, she has a class for these learners and it is successful.  The sad thing is that she can only have a few in the class.  Hopefully, others will see what she is doing and learn from her.  I know I saw many ideas I can use for my tutoring. 
I am so excited with what I learned that I overwhelmed the students I tutor. The next student, I only showed one new idea and will go more slowly.
Today I worked with a young man and he did well.  I may not have the energy or organization to work with more than two or three at a time.  I will need to watch the instructional DVD's several days to be able to use more of what I learned.

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