Saturday, February 19, 2011

Balametrics equipment

This program is based on the balance board.  I did not understand the importance of the other equipment.
First the balance board is a special design.  More information is available at for pictures and cost.  The design is important because some will think it is just a rocking board.  The importance is the rockers and the centering grid.  The grid allows the person using the board and the person tutoring or teaching to see that balance is achieved.  When the person using the board feels off balance they will move their feet and not have the body and brain balance.  Often when working with someone, they will drop the bean bag and when they start again they will have moved their feel. The balance board is a good place to begin.
The Pendulum Ball is harder to use because it needs have a large enough area to be able to swing and followed with the eyes.  This helps people to focus and use their eyes individually and together.  I saw one of these used at the Brain Workout Center in Denver.  The child laid on the floor and followed the ball with his eyes together.  Then he held on hand over one eye and did each eye individually.  Mom watched so she could have him practice at home.  I am finding that it only takes a few times to see much improvement with a child who has trouble focusing.  Also the child can stand on the balance board and follow the ball with the eyes.  Next have him or her use the Visual Motor Control Stick to hit the ball to the left, middle, and right. If you think this is easy I challenge you to try it yourself and make sure your feet are balanced when you are finished watching the ball. Remember to make it fun.  I tell my students that I know they are strong but can they control the ball.  That is stronger and tougher than being just strong.

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