Friday, February 4, 2011

I am exhausted

I have just spent an hour or longer talking with my youngest son, who is a perfectionist. He tries so hard and has so many learning struggles that working with him is exhausting.  Many struggling learners are also perfectionists.  Not only do they struggle to learn, they struggle to do everything perfectly.  However, because they struggle so hard to learn and make so many mistakes, they learn to convince people that they do not care so they can survive our educational system. When my son is in a class he has learned to sit in the back so he can move and not distract the teacher and yet still be able to move enough to be able to learn.  He gets in trouble with a speaker because he is not paying attention.  When the speaker calls him down for not paying attention, my son can repeat what the speaker has said.  When my son is acting like he is paying attention, then he has to go ask what he is supposed to do.  What a challenge!
I read a good piece in Texas Homesteader on Rocket Phonics that explains this well.  It is on learning and rocket phonics and how to teach her child.  The sad thing is we put a visual learner in the class as a teacher.  Many or most teachers are visual learners. Visual learners or teachers need students to be still in order in to teach and learn.  Then we put learners in class that need to move to learn and expect there to be peace in class.  Guess who is considered to be a problem?
He is struggling with some of his college classes because I thought he had figured out how to use the syllabus.
Well, guess what!  He is still not a visual learner and the teachers in at least some of his classes are.  Putting the information in bold type does not a visual learner make.  We will work on the next syllabus for another class tomorrow.  He thinks I am mad at him when I am flustered with myself for missing what he could not remind me that he needed.

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