Sunday, December 5, 2010

VT machine

Years ago, 1977, I was injured in a car wreck.  I have struggled with walking since.  I have a new machine called a VT 15 vibrator machine.  Standing on this has allowed me to stand on one foot.  I am going to a chiropractor who is using a cold laser on my lung.  I saw someone in his office get better who has MS. He put the laser on the back of her head and she was walking better when she left his office.  I asked if it would help with my balance.  Using the cross crawl exercises and the cold laser, I can stand on the balance board and even stand on one foot on the board.  I am working on being able to close my eyes and not fall.  This has helped to that I can walk without pain and is giving me much more energy.  How exciting.

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