Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sharing what I learn

I am sharing what I am learning and it is so much fun to see what others know.  An example is having someone stand on the balance board and follow an object with their eyes without moving their head while staying balanced.  A teacher suggested having them put a marble in a pie pan and roll it around.  As the marble moves following it with the eyes without moving the head should be a fun way to add to the excecises.
Another friend, a therapist at the hospital, suggested putting a lazer pointer light on a headband and have the person follow it with their eyes as they wrote words.  I wonder if this would help those struggling with spelling.  It might also help during studing for a test.
I have a young friend who dislikes school.  Her parents struggled in school also.  She is going to try to use the balance board to study for a test and to learn lines for drama class and see if it helps. I am having her help me try out ideas for two reasons.  One is she is a wonderful help and also this will give her the knowledge to help others.  She is a silent leader that is often not noticed but leads one or two at a time quietly.

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