Sunday, December 5, 2010

New student in December

A young man who has struggled for years is coming to see if some of these ideas will help him.  I feel overwhelmed.  His family has tried many things to try to help him. He is in middle school.  What makes me think I can do what others have not?
He came and was very cooperative.  When I had him stand on the balance board, he struggled and blamed his boots for slipping.  He took them off and did better.  When I had him follow my hand with his eyes his eyes just did not follow.  It will be exciting to see if he improves.
Another child I have worked with 4 days a week at first and after a month or 6 weeks reduced to twice a week.  She was making D's and F's when we began.  She brought her report card this week and has A's and B's with one C.  It gives me hope.

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