Monday, August 2, 2010

New students

I tested two new students this past week.  First, I had them do the thumb to each finger. The first child who will be S1 could do all 4 fingers but not smoothly. You could tell she had to really think to do the thumb to finger motion from finger to finger. The second child struggled with doing this. She will be S2.
Hopefully, in another week, they will begin tutoring.  I hope to show mom what I am doing so she can help them at home and it not cost her as much.
My niece, spent $5,000 at a tutoring center for her child this summer.  How long is she going to have to work to pay this loan off? At $100 a month it has taken 2 years for my child to pay off a $2,000 loan with a good, low interest.  Is the tutoring worth the money? Yes it is. How many parents can afford this? I believe by sharing the things that work, hopefully it will help others to help their children and even grown people who struggle to learn.  There is a man who did not learn to read until he was 59 years of age because no one knew how to learn how to teach him.  He needed special color glasses to see the letters correctly.
This week I hope to test some other students.  I have some new information coming in and will share that when I read it.

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