Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teach by Rafe Esquith

I am reading a wonderful new book by Rafe Esquith that was published in 2007. It is called Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire. I found it by accident at the Library.  I wish that all parents, educators and people who love children could be required to read this book.  However, requiring people to read a book seems to take away much of the value.  Telling others about a wonderful book and them choosing to read the book is more productive. I know so many good teachers doing a good job.  They are often tired and sometimes feel like quitting.  This book reminds us why it is important to keep on going. I have read 50 pages of 227 pages. Hopefully, the remaining book will be an encouraging as the first part.
It is so important to read and watch movies that encourage and showcase people doing things they should.
I knew a family with several boys.  They watched a steady and daily diet of a group of movies about an actor swinging threw the trees and the Three Stooges.  Guess how they acted and how much trouble they had in school.    Remember if there is a way we do not want our children to act, then teach them something better.

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