Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tutoring Day 10

Today was the tenth time to tutor.  I made cards to send home to play with mom.  They had 3  large ovals, stars and triangles;  3 medium ovals, stars and triangles and 3 small ovals, stars and triangles.  Red, blue and green were the colors chosen for each group.  A set can  be a large red, blue and green triangle.  It can be a red large, medium, and small triangle.  The child and I showed Mom how to play.
Next we played, concentration with the rocket phonic sound cards.  It was my turn to go first.  I do not care who goes first but to succeed children and people have to learn how to take turns. She thought we would re do page 48 because she had not done it perfectly yesterday.  Instead, I went on to page 55 and 56 because they are brighter and more fun.  They also have pictures to find that the words represent.  Then, we went back and played 36-sound bingo on page 51.  I was doing the tutor-teacher mode of  I call the sounds and the student puts the markers on the sound.  After 5 or 6 sounds, I could tell this was not fun for her.  I asked if she wanted to call the sounds and have me put the markers on.  This worked well as she did not space out or give up on what I wanted her to do.  I placed the book in front of her for easier reading for her.
We were both smiling doing the bingo this way.
We counted money.  I have several (about 12 half dollars) and one silver dollar.  Then I have several dollars in quarters, dimes, nickels and then about 4 dollars in pennies. We counted pennies together.  She said 1 and
I said 2 and so on.  Then we traded numbers and I started with 1. When we got to a hundred, I showed her what other money was a dollar.  She struggles with counting by 5's so we always work this in. 
We read a book about a moose who thought everyone else was a moose too.  She read a sentence and then I read one.  She was really doing well reading.  A younger child ( about age 3) came up to listen. When the student realized the young child was listening, she immediately froze up and struggled.  I finished reading the book.  I told her the young child liked listening to us read so much because we were doing such a good job. We will work on the idea again tomorrow that she was reading so well someone else wanted to listen.

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