Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tutoring Day 2 and Day 3

Yesterday was day 3 of tutoring.  We had such a good time.  It is so much fun to see someone who wants to learn succeed.  First we worked on the finger exercises.  On day 2 she did well so I had her put her hands on the table to put her fingers and thumb down in order. I also make a druming sound on the table with my fingers when she does this.  Then we read a small book about ponies.  It had only a few words per page.
I wanted something for quick succeed.  Then we played with the rocket phonic cards with the letters a,e,i,n,k,f,l,m,and h.  After we played concentration with the cards, we read the combinations on page 31.
Now instead of her turning over 3 cards I let her turn over 4 and I turn over 3.  This helps the concentration game go faster and she still gets the sounds.  We are also getting to go again when we find a match.  As there are fewer cards, 10 or less, we only turn over 2 each.
We also played with the cards teaching sets.  Next, I started her reading the book Daniel's Duck.  I chose this one because the words are large and the word paper contrast is easy for the eyes to follow.  We read  page 5 to page 27.  I am teaching her to stop for the period.  I read a sentence and then she reads one.  This way instead of saying no you did not stop for a period, I say wait, "It is my turn." When somone entered the library where we are working she was so busy reading, she did not look up.
Last we did the Tangram's. She put the pieces on the card and then I had her put them on the table to the side. When she needed help, I just adjusted the piece a little.  I also made a tapping noise as she worked on this. 

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