Thursday, January 13, 2011

Music to a Tutor's ears

Yesterday, I worked with the child who did not want to learn to read.  She joyfully told me that she had a B in reading and is working on an A because she did not want to have a B.  Next time, I will introduce the math again and see if she is ready. I know we always ask for more.

Today, the mom of the child I worked with told me she made all A's and B's. Her C has come up. This the child who was making D's and F's when we began.  It is so much fun to see one of the struggling students succeed. 

January 28 I have the opportunity to go to a class on the balance board. I am really looking forward to that. 

Another child held his reading over the holidays.  However, he did not hold the cognative skills.  I wish I knew why. 

Another child is holding his own but still has so far to go. He is the one I almost did not take because I was not sure I could help him. 

Another child decided he did not want to tutor.  He was going to make himself and me miserable to prove he was not going to tutor.  He did not understand that is not how my tutoring works.  I called Mom and said he might not be able to tutor as he was truly miserable.  Did she want me to bring him home or would she like to talk to him?  She talked to him and really came through as a wonderful, powerful mom.  She informed him that she knew his problem was that he thought he could play outside longer if he did not tutor.  She told him that it would still be daylight and he could play after tutoring.  If he did not tutor he would not play at all.  He tutored and did well.  He is such a precious child but also very strong willed. 

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