Monday, October 11, 2010

The joy of Tutoring

I am having so much joy as I reconnect with the children I tutor.  Just today, one child had no compresentation of why it was important that the early explorers of this country used the waterways
to explore.  When I asked her why she pushed her younger brother in a stoller instead of carrying him, she explained he was too heavy to carry very far.  As I explained that the explorers using a boat or canoe on the
water to carry their things was like her using a stroller for her brother, she seemed to understand better.
Years ago I was trying to explain to a group of children about a horse's bit.  When a child does not ride there is no compresension.  When I explained that a bit was like a steering wheel on a car, it was understandable.
The game apples to apples helps with this also. I found so many ideas and books on my trip to share with the children I tutor. 

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