Tuesday, October 12, 2010

94 on a test

The child I tutored yesterday made a 94 on her test. I calIed to see how she did on the test. I am so excited.  So is she. So is mom. The comment was made that maybe this will encourage her to try harder.  She is trying.  She is writing her assignment. It means nothing when the words she is writing have no meaning.  So often it is assumed by those who read well and do well in school that someone is just not trying hard enough.  That is like saying that someone in a wheelchair could walk if they would just try harder.  However just because we cannot see the wheelchair of someone struggling does not mean trying harder is the answer. 
Teaching harder is not the answer either.  Teaching harder means that more written work is assigned and more work is done.  A different method needs to be used to teach.  The skills used in BrainCenterWorkout is a place to start but also teaching in the subject area is needed. The child does not have time to learn skills and keep up in school at the same time so both are needed to keep up.  As the child learns the BrainCenter
Workout they should have the skills to keep up once the compresentation is taught. How exciting!

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