Saturday, September 25, 2010

Please test this child to see if you can find something to help him learn

A young mother I know asked me to test one of her sons.  When he sat down, he informed me he did not really want to do this.  When I had him do the exercise where you put your thumb on each finger in order,
he did surprising well with his attitude. In fact he is the first child I have worked with that could do the exercise well that had learning challenges.  As I encouraged him to do as I ask with other exercises, his eyes began looking tired.
I asked if his eyes hurt and he replied, " No, but I have a headache."  I requested the mom have his eyes checked and he needs glasses.  Maybe, this school year will go better.  When a child struggles in school, please have the eyes checked.  This mom had had the child to the doctor and he seemed fine.  However she also had testing results that showed a learning problem of some kind.  Thankfully, Mom kept looking.

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