Friday, May 28, 2010

Multiplication with color

One student could not remember to finish his multiplication problems. So I wrote them out in color.
an example of this is as follows.  Since I am learning to blog myself and use the computer better I
will try to do this one in color.  We have a wonderful library staff who are kind enough to help me
learn to use the computer and how to blog. Thanks Kathy and Mary. See yet another example of
how much we need and are willing to help each other.

                   327        When we multiply by 5 we put the answer in purple.
                     45         When we put the answer in yellow.   I put a green
                 1635           line under addition because green means go and 
               1308             you still need to go to finish the problem.  We write
             _______            the final answer in black because that is the end of
                                         the problem.

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