Monday, May 24, 2010

Helping others learn and learning from others

     I have a dream where people will share a time where they struggled to learn something and someone else helped them.  Also, I want to have people share times where they helped others learn.  Many times I have heard someone tell someone else that they cannot learn something.  The truth was that the person doing the teaching did not know how to teach this person.  One time I decided that I wanted to learn to crochet a shawl.  I went to the yarn shop and the people were very friendly.  They were happy to show me how to learn to crocket.  The problem was I could not learn it the way they wanted me too.  I went home discouraged and convinced I could not learn to crochet.
     A neighbor told another neighbor about my difficulties.  This neighbor came down and asked if I wanted her to show me how she crocheted.  She said she crocheted backwards but it looked the same when she was finished.  I was able to crochet her way and could learn how to make what I wanted.  How sad when we often think we cannot do something because someone else cannot teach us. 

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