Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reading Chapter books

Sometime back a third grader informed me that she was not reading chapter books.  They were just too big and too long.  I read a couple of chapter books to her in tutoring with her telling me they were too hard.  We discussed each chapter and what happened.  I also stopped and asked what she thought was going to happen.  I often tell the people I teach that it is always easy to do something that you know how to do well.
She told me that the ones she was supposed to read were longer than the ones I was reading to her.  I laughed and told her we would get to the bigger ones.  Today, she was excited and told me that last week she read a chapter book that had 9 chapters and it was easy.  I have continued to use the rocket phonics as we worked on her compresentation also. I am smiling.
Also, notice I teach one on one or one to two instead of twenty to one with lots of paperwork to be completed and someone else to please.  I please myself and my student as we play games to teach.

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